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SERVICE Service introduction

Yashima Denko, from its very beginning, partners closely with regional Vietnamese businesses to elevate manufacturing processes. Our dedicated team of Japanese experts is always ready to offer technical assistance as needed. Ultimately, our focus revolves around achieving the paramount goal of optimizing both costs and quality.


Service Strengths


Our parent company is Yashima Denko Co., Ltd., - an Electrical Materials Manufacturer based in Japan with a history of over 100 years. With our long-term expertise and local network honed as a trading company, we will precisely respond to your needs.


With over 20 years of business in Vietnam, we have built a mutual trust partnership and connectivity netwrok with local companies, in an effort to provide our customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices.

03.SUGGESTION-Power of Suggestion-

We analyze Product Purchasing and Development Requirement thoroughly, in an attempt to suggest the best solution with the factory and region that are carefully selected from our network.
In doing so, we will respond to a wide range of customer needs.

04.COME AND GO-Direct Negotiation-

Our Japanese staff can travel back and forth between Japan and Vietnam, so as to meet the customers in person for business negotiations. We can comunicate in Japanese, so that you can discuss and manufacture with peace of mind.


We flexibly respond to Small Lot orders.
Moreover, when stocking in the product, we use our own containers to ship to Japan to keep low costs.


All designs received from customers will stay "Vested to the Customer".


Service Flow



We listen to our customer’s and suggest the most suitable factories in Vietnam (including our own factories)
During manufacturing, we pay close control to product quality, packaging, transportation for entire processes from product manufacturing through delivery.


The products are mainly produced by our factory based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, so that we can control process quality such as secondary processing, inspection, or rework for procured items from local factories.

Our main works : Pressing, sheet metal and can manufacturing

China Local Factory

As for Items that could not be procured in Vietnam, we will procure from China-based Local Factories in Shanghai, Ningbo, and Guangzhou through our purchasing channels.

Local Factories Network of YNBV

As for products that are cannot be manufactured by our factory, we will manafacture through our local partner companies.
Based on the customer's guidance, our Japanese staff in China will provide technical guidance and carry on process management.

Our Partner Factories : Zinc Die Casting Factory, Resin Molding Factory, Iron Casting Factory, Cutting Factory, Aluminum Die Casting Factory, Aluminum Extrusion Factory, Lost Wax Factory (The above mention is only an example)

Main Processing Technologies : Heat Treatment, Hot Dip Galvanizing, Various Coatings, Printing, Unichrome Plating, Chromate Treatment (The above mentioning is only an example)


Please feel free to contact us via form or telephone
if you are considering an OEM company.

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